New skill 

Why we are unique?




-You are able to farm or pvp with any class. 

- New class path option for all races and class.

- Pvp zone with random chances to get +1 on one of your items!

- Maybe the only High Five pvp server where quest and instances are important in order to get full items.

- On newbie farm you cannot farm with higher tier items.

- Even if is a pvp server , farm is hardcore way and last tier of weapons are obtainable only on drop.


 ->> Quest's


- Legendary Talles(Starting Npc Gilmore on Main town) , by completing this quest you will be able to get by choice one top rb jewel.

- Chain quest -> Secret mission (Dominic) ->> Greymore (Fade to black) at the end of the quest you will be rewarded with a random ammount of Golden Apiga , you can use that in order to buy GCM or Element jewells

- Primeval Isle is back with 2 modified quest's (Marquez , Singsing) one of the quests if for Naia coin's (currency of the server) and the other one is for Enchant Scrolls.


->> Instances


  At the moment we have 2 instances npc (other's comming soon)

- Mathias (Kamaloka) in the Main Town 

- Pathfinder Worker same town ( instance for 4+ people)

By completing those instance you are able to receive some custom coins and to buy various items with them.

We had implemented new skills to all classes


You can test them to see what is new , we will not make a guide about it because we don't want to ruin your surprise of discovering and testing by yourself.